Feedback from EYFS Meeting

Dear Parents & Carers,

Thank you to all those who attended the EYFS Curriculum evening last night. We hope you all found it  informative and appreciate you spending 1 hour out of your evening to be able to attend. From the questionnaire feedback we received, 70% of the parents were not familiar with the EYFS. In the future, we would love to have a greater turnout as it is an excellent opportunity for parents to give us feedback about their child’s learning & progress at Monkey Puzzle.

We received a substantial amount of feedback and have summarised this beneath for all parties.

IMG_10131) The introduction of a Keyworker.

The standard nursery process is a key Worker is introduced to the child and parent when the child commences nursery.

Familiarity of the child’s routine, likes and dislikes and a holistic view is attained of the child and their behaviour prior to starting. Our objective is to attain as much knowledge as possible.

The keyworker discusses  the activities within the room and answers any queries the parent may have at that time.

This is part of our settling-in and transition policy.

Should this not have happened for any reason please contact us directly and we will agree a course of action to rectify this.

 2) Dissemination of Nursery Contact Details

Unfortunately we are not allowed to distribute our parents contact details as we are bound by data protection, Oftsed and our Head Office Policies .

In addition, whilst this might be preferred by some parents ,  other parents  would be most offended if we did this and would think it was a violation of privacy.

In the event of a birthday or a party invitation, the parent can request to leave the invitation in the child’s bag, or at our reception desk with their personal details on the invitation, and then this is a matter for themselves.

3) The use of Smocks

smocksSmocks were utilised in Monkey Puzzle a few years ago but the aprons were very expensive and no parents were interested in using them. Please respond to this email as we would like to know whether parents are interested in purchasing aprons for their child (1 apron costs £20)


4) The frequency of Newsletters / Handovers

We currently send monthly newsletters to outline all the activities we are doing in each room.

Weekly planning is located in the boards of each room – we invite parents to go into the rooms and have a look at the weekly activities that the staff plan for the children.

Starting from next week, we will write the weekly activities of each room which we will place at the entrance of the nursery.

We publish newsletters monthly and do not want to increase the administrative burden of this when we would prefer to spends the time planning activities for your little ones.

5) Parents Meetings

All information about the children should be gleaned at:

  • a 121  at the end of the day,
  • via observations on line journals or if more detailed feedback is required this should be arranged via the manager as an infrequent ‘ad hoc’ meeting with the keyworker.

We do not have the capacity to have monthly meetings as it would be too difficult to arrange meetings in addition to maintaining staff-to-child ratio.

Our approach is a daily quick update at the end of a session for your child’s progress. If your nanny collects, and you have limited touchpoints with the nursery,  then we would rely on them to communicate the handover to you and in the event of any issues / concerns we are always here to help.

For parents evenings, we are going to change the format and structure to be identical to the preschools, primary schools and nurseries in the RBKC.

Going forwards a child will have an end of term report, at the end of term times of April, September December rather than one at the parents evenings.

This will be for all children .

In the parents evenings the children will have a chat with the keyworker for a 30 minute slot and the parent will be given an opportunity to look through their child’s  work. And gain a more targeted feedback.

Thank you again for all the parents who joined us and offered fantastic feedback.

Kind regards,

Nathyva & Rebecca