“I have been SO PLEASED with both my daughters’ time at Monkey Puzzle. You have always had such a wonderful collection of staff, who create a really loving environment for the children, and I am so happy that my girls came to you for so long. I have a lump in my throat when I realise that soon I won’t be coming down those steps anymore.” Heather Petsopoulos (Zoe & Ellia’s mum)

“It is with a heavy heart that we must give notice for our daughter Lori’s nursery attendance. Our circumstances have sadly changed and due to
practical and financial reasons, we have had to seek an alternative child care solution. We are very sad about this as it is evident every week how happy Lori is with you all at Monkey Puzzle and how much she has thrived in the wonderful environment surrounded by such lovely, warm people.”  Lori’s parent

“My daughter went to Monkey Puzzle for several years full time from a very young age. The staff are efficient, experienced and caring. I was pleased with the overall set-up, security and staff care. The environment gave my daughter confidence to be herself and provided a good foundation for social interaction, among her peers as well as adults outside the family circle. The day to day learning and exercises certainly gave her new skills. She learnt basic French there. An excellent place to entrust your child’s daily care and early years…. ” Lisa DL

“Monkey Puzzle provided a safe, happy, learning environment for our child who attended from the age of 11 months until she went to school. The staff were all extremely caring and guided us through the early years of our daughter’s life, with extreme care and consideration. For two working parents, this was the most fantastic nursery, which offered us complete piece of mind that our daughter was in great hands. Our daughter thrived throughout every stage, from being toilet trained, to learning how to write her name. I would recommend this nursery to any working parent who has the requirements for longer hours and piece of mind”  Natalie

“Zachary’s time at Monkey Puzzle is coming to an end as you know he will be starting school in September. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the staff at Monkey Puzzle for providing Zachary a great foundation and support in his early years and he will be sad to be leaving you all.” Gerlin & Allon Moses

“My daughter went to this nursery for two years. I am a big fan of the nursery and have several friends who also send their children to it. The staff are lovely, they have been there years and the owner is a local working mum with 3 small kids who also go there. My daughter left recently as we are moving to Spain but I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to go there. Please contact me should you need to. Thanks….” Ana L

“Having had my 3 year old daughter here for a short interim period whilst waiting for my in-laws to travel over to take care of her. I am really happy to say that during this 8 week period my daughter has really developed in confidence. I have now decided to keep her at Monkey puzzle St Johns as I think they have really helped her to develop. Her confidence is really showing verbally and also through her artwork she brings home and her songs she likes from Nursery. We have a key worker who is consistent in telling us of our daughter’s daily routines and learning path. The security is also great as the doors are controlled by fingerprint scanning system…”  Martha R